The vision

Value Engineering

The value methodology or value engineering (VE) was the basic philosophy for the development of both curtain wall systems. VE is a systematic and structured approach for improving products, where VE helps achieve an optimal balance between function, performance, quality, safety and last but not least the cost.

The Fassada USP's for the 3 stakeholders in a project

The investor

  • value for money

  • execution on time

  • low maintenance

  • high performance

The architect

  • maximum freedom of design

  • no technical worries

  • sustainable

  • nice & elegant solutions

Facade contractor

  • minimum cost

  • minimum technical risks

  • high performance

  • healthy margin

Fassada curtain wall systems is really about 3 things:

  • top-quality team

  • systematic out-of-the-box thinking; and

  • Innovation, which is more than engineering; it is inserting an economic vision 


It is an in-depth understanding of the real problems in the façade contracting industry, its cost structure and its specific risks.  It is the origin of any innovative façade system development.

The philosophy will always be the same: smarter, better, easier, higher performance and substantially more cost effective.

The main goal for our organization is beyond developing innovative products, because our products are an economic vision.

It’s the ability to invent the new and to present it to the world, which requires skillfulness, creativity and vision and that is what our brand stands for.


the distinction between doing and excelling